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All Access at Arnish

SSE provide supply chain opportunities for UK companies and investing in local communities has been core to the development of Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited (BOWL).


Burntisland Fabrications Limited (BiFab), with facilities at Burntisland, Methil and Arnish, won two multi-million pound contracts with BOWL’s Tier 1 suppliers Siemens and Seaway Heavy Lifting to provide a total of 28 jackets and 8 piles for the Beatrice Offshore wind farm development.


Through these contracts BiFab has not only protected 200 jobs across its three sites, but has increased the number of employees working for it during peak production periods.


BiFab’s Arnish facility began work on the transition pieces and piles for Beatrice in mid-October, increasing the workforce at the site by 71 people.


Martin Adam, BiFab’s Operations Director said: “The award of the BOWL work scope to BiFab has meant Arnish and local economy have now benefited from an increase of 71 well paid jobs, which has come at a seasonal time of high costs due to winter climate and festive expenditure. The increase in work will also go some way in lessening the impact on the local economy of jobs lost in the offshore sector.


“Going forward into 2017 BOWL work will continue at Arnish until end of March and ensure the working yard is visible and available so new work, if available, can be placed going forward.”


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